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Test “block” features.

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“The Hardware Hacker”

Andrew “Bunnie” Huang has written a book describing the realities of launching new products in China. It has a broad scope, covering engineering, business practices, and cultural norms for China. The Hardware Hacke (Adventures in Making & Breaking Hardware) by … Continue reading

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Desk Lamp is Unstable

With advances in LED lighting, this TaoTronics desk lamp looked like it would fit my needs, which were: An adjustable (position & intensity) light to use with my “student” microscope. The ‘scope has a mirror for illuminating slides from below … Continue reading

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New Connector Technology

In over 25 years of electronics troubleshooting on a wide variety of analog and digital equipment, some of it cutting edge, I have concluded that a majority of failures were due to failed connections. That is, components such as  switches, … Continue reading

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Patio Heater Safety Hazards

This blog has a section devoted to products of poor quality &/or design (see Quality Fail), but this post stands alone for an exceptional  failure which could endanger people and property. The product is a large, standalone propane patio heater … Continue reading

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Medical Devices – 10 Regulatory Pitfalls

Avoid the infamous “Showstopper” The IEC60601 standard isn’t simple to understand. Experienced engineers not trained in this standard may present sound designs but still have problems with certification. There are many grey areas when it comes to component certifications. The … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 Spacecraft – very far out!

The Voyager 1 Spacecraft, launched by NASA on Sept. 5, 1977, is nearing the edge of our solar system. It has traveled over 18 billion kilometers, and continues to function as designed. This is a case where quality exceeded expectations.  … Continue reading

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