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Quality and regulatory problems can cause costly delays, reduced profit, and missed opportunities for business growth and market expansion. With over 20 years experience in the commercial electronics business, I have worked on implementing and improving processes that fall under the broad category of "Quality Engineering."

Maybe you have personally dealt with one of these scenarios:

  • Sales to a large, well known industry leader (such as Microsoft) were lost because your product did not have necessary safety (UL, CSA, ETL, etc.) or emissions (FCC) certifications.
  • A potential customer conducted an audit of your Quality Management System and found significant deficiencies. The customer is reluctant to further the relationship if the deficiencies aren't corrected.
  • As part of product development, the product was submitted to a accredited test lab, but failed a "simple" test that you could have conducted, such as a drop test.
  • Field failures are occuring at a higher than planned for rate, and warranty costs are over-budget.
  • A supplier provides a "first article" part that meets all specifications for a new or revised design, but production parts do not meet the specifications.

Using proven, objective methods, setbacks, such as those listed above, can be reduced or eliminated.
If your company needs help in this area, please contact me to discuss your situation in detail.

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